Your specialist in solar energy.

We strive for a sustainable and cleaner future in Indonesia, by supplying the best brands of solar panels, inverters, mounting systems and accessories.


Specialized in large projects.

Insun Power is more than a supplier of solar panels. We offer full project support, amongst others in the field of calculations, assembly, maintenance and cleaning. We have an unique cooperation formula with Home NRG from the Netherlands. We have an enthusiastic, professional and customer-oriented team. Together we have the right knowledge and experience in the field of solar energy and we deliver tailor-made solutions for every project.


Q CELLS, a major player in the solar panels market, is part of the Hanwha Group and is a German manufacturer of solar panels. The head office is situated in Thalheim, Germany. The solar panels of Q CELLS owe their quality to the highly rewarded German technology used in the development of the panels and to intensive research and strict quality controls.

Why customers choose us

Being good for our customers, employees and the environment is the spearhead of our enterprise. We strive for satisfied customers, a pleasant and safe work environment and a sustainable development of our organization in the society. We get our knowledge, experience and products from Europe to contribute to a sustainable future in Indonesia.


We are specialized in large projects. For example, we supply solar panels to new construction projects and solar parks on a project base. It saves a lot of costs and contributes to a sustainable environment


Small projects are just as important. We want to offer entrepreneurs, large or small, a sustainable future as well.

Knowlegdge and experience

A team that perfectly complements each other. We combine the knowledge and experience of the product with the knowledge and experience of the market. It allows us to respond to your needs as much as possible.


The team at our office in Klaten, Central Java, is at your disposal. Short communication lines, tailored advice.

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Contact us today. As each situation is different, we would like to take the time to discover what is best for you.
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