Our premium quality inverters are tailored to the warm, Indonesian climate. We have below inverters on stock in Klaten, Central Java, but can supply other inverters as well.

Eco 25.0 t/m 27.0 S light

The three-phase Fronius Eco in power categories 25.0 and 27.0 kW perfectly meets all the requirements of large-scale installations.

Thanks to its light weight and SnapINverter mounting system, this transformerless device can be installed quickly and easily either indoors or outdoors. This inverter range is setting new standards with its IP 66 protection class. Furthermore, thanks to its integrated double fuse holders and optional overvoltage protection, string collection boxes are no longer necessary.

Fronius-inverters are efficient and reliable. They are the indispensable heart of every photovoltaic system.

Capacity: 25.0 – 27.0 kW
Three-phase inverter
2 mpp trackers
Standard factory warranty: 5 or 7 years
String inverter
Can be installed indoors and outdoors
Compact size with revolutionary appearance

SolaX X1 Boost

The high-quality single phase X1-3.0T~5.0T Boost inverters with two MPPT’s offer efficiency and reliability at a sharp price.

SolaX inverters have a very low loss percentage of 0,3% Communication is possible via WiFi (standard) and other protocols such as RS485, DRM and USB. SolaX have developed a range of single phase inverters unrivalled in the industry for their quality, reliability and efficiency. The SolaX single phase inverters boast a wide MPPT voltage range to allow for more energy harvesting and have a maximum input voltage of 580V, with a maximum efficiency of 97.8%

Capacity: 3250 – 5200 Wp
Single-phase inverter
2 mpp trackers
Standard factory warranty: 10 years
Weight 14.6 / 16.7 kg
MPPT efficiency up to 99,9%
Maximum efficiency up to 97,8%
Simple “plug & play” installation
Inclusive of practical monitoring app
For both indoor- and outdoor use